NVIGEN offers customizable nanoparticle services and prepackaged nanoparticle reagents for research and industry needs. Our bioentity-conjugated nanoparticles, with magnetic and optical properties, provide efficient performance for co-immunoprecipitation, molecular and cell separation, targeted delivery and imaging. Our IP holds tremendous potential for high-sensitivity, high-throughput platforms and partnerships alike.

NVIGEN’s proprietary nanoparticle-imaging-delivery (NID™) technology is a hybrid platform comprised of an intrinsically signal-generating component (i.e. fluorescence and MRI) and a versatile conjugation component that can piggyback payloads for high capacity purification, sensitive and multiplexed imaging and detection, and targeted drug delivery. The NID™ platform is suitable for in vitro and in vivo manipulation. In addition, the modularity of our NID™ platform can be readily integrated into fluidic and therapeutic systems.


Advantages of NVIGEN's nanoparticle reagents include:

  • Optimal water dispersion
  • Superior biocompatibility
  • High affinity conjugations
  • Increased stability
  • Enhanced sensitivity
  • Targeted delivery and specificity
  • Payload applications
  • Controllable pharmacokinetics
  • Optical contrast enhancement and magnetic properties
  • Size tunability
  • Multiplex and high-throughput capability
  • Versatility
  • Multifunctionality

MagVigen™ Protein A/G Nanoparticles - Product sheet 1

MagVigen™ Protein A/G nanoparticles are ideal for antibody purification and immunoprecipitation assays...
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MagVigen™ Streptavidin Nanoparticles - Product sheet 2

MagVigen™ Streptavidin magnetic nanoparticles can universally bind to any biotinylated biomolecules ...
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MagVigen™ - anti-FLAG Nanoparticles - Product sheet 3

MagVigen™ - anti-FLAG nanoparticles are ideal for the purification of FLAG tagged recombinant proteins ...
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MyQuVigen™ - anti-mouse IgG,
emi 635 nm - Product sheet 4

MyQuVigen™ nanoparticles are unique combination of SPIO and quantum dots ...
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