MyQuVigenTM - A unique combination of fluorescent and magnetic nanoparticles providing high magnetic moment and bright stable fluorescence, ideal for controllable magnetic manipulation with extensive, multiplexed fluorescence imaging.

MyQuVigenTM fluorescent magnetic nanoparticles can be conjugated with streptavidin, primary or secondary antibodies for magnetic cell separation and fluorescence based cell identification application.

The concurrent magnetic cell separation and fluorescence imaging enabled by MyQuVigen™ fluorescent magnetic nanoparticles omit the additional cell staining steps from traditional magnetic cell separation approach, which speeds up experimental flow and improves cell viability. Cells magnetically isolated using MyQuVigen™ fluorescent magnetic nanoparticles are tagged with strong fluorescent signals and can be directly imaged using fluorescence microscopes or analyzed with other fluorescence based cell analysis methodology, such as FACS, fluorescence assisted cell sorting or other single cell analysis.

MyQuVigen™ fluorescent magnetic nanoparticles have optimal surface chemistry hence they feature high surface binding specificity. They could be utilized to effectively isolate low abundance cells from a mixture of cell populations from tissue, organ or whole blood samples. Cancer cells, immune cells or stem cells could all be specifically isolated and identified with MyQuVigen™ fluorescent magnetic nanoparticles.

  • Strong magnetic property
  • Bright stable fluorescence signal
  • Smaller nanoparticle size with improved binding specificity
  • Omits additional fluorescence labeling to speed up experimental flow
  • Ideal for cell separation and magnetic manipulation

  • Multiplexed Fluorescence Imaging
  • Magnetic Manipulation
  • FACS
  • DNA, RNA, protein sample prep and detection
  • Cell separation and detection

Fluorescent Magnetic Nanoparticles

Figure 1. MyQuVigen™ fluorescent magnetic nanoparticles with bright and stable fluorescence property. (A) MyQuVigen™ fluorescent magnetic nanoparticles with 3 different emission color, red(615 nm), yellow (585 nm) and green (535 nm). Single nanoparticle fluorescence could be clearly imaged. (B) Fluorescence of MyQuVigen™ fluorescent magnetic nanoparticles are very stable allowing long term tracking and imaging after 12 days of nanoparticle uptake in Hela cells.

Fluorescent Magnetic Nanoparticles

Figure 2. Two different types of circulating tumor cells were isolated with MyQuVigen™ fluorescent magnetic nanoparticles from a whole blood sample. Tumor cell surface markers were stained with these fluorescent magnetic nanoparticles by binding with antibodies conjugated to nanoparticle surfaces.

Name Cat# Price(1ml) Add to cart
MyQuVigen™ - SH surface, 535, 585, 615 or 635 nm,emission 41001 $361
MyQuVigen™ - NH2 surface, 535, 585, 615 or 635 nm emission 41002 $361
MyQuVigen™ - protein A conjugates, 535, 585, 615 or 635 nm emission 41003 $411
MyQuVigen™ - protein G conjugates, 535, 585, 615 or 635 nm emission 41004 $424
MyQuVigen™ -streptavidin conjugates, 535, 585, 615 or 635 nm emission 41005 $424
MyQuVigen™ - anti rabbit IgG conjugates, 535, 585, 615 or 635 nm emissio 41006 $448
MyQuVigen™ - anti mouse IgG conjugates, 535, 585, 615 or 635 nm emission 41007 $448
MyQuVigen™ - customize 41008 Call specialist  

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