MagVigenTM - general binding

MagVigenTM - Magnetic nanoparticles with high magnetic response and biocompatibility.

  • Immunoprecipitation
  • Cell Isolation
  • Protein Purification & Peptide Purification
  • IVD Assay Development
  • Magnetofection
  • Magnetic manipulation
  • Magnetic sensing

MagVigen™ nanoparticles are ideal for antibody purification and immunoprecipitation assays. MagVigen™ nanoparticles enable identification of new protein-protein interactions through immunoprecipitation assays, where the MagVigen™ beads-antibody complex can be used to isolate particular proteins of interest or protein complex from assay samples, e.g. cell lysate. The immunoprecipitated proteins can be further analyzed. MagVigen™ nanoparticles are much smaller than conventional micro-beads. This feature allows for better accessibility of the nanoparticles to the antigenic epitope and for less disturbance to the native functions of proteins or protein-protein complexes. In addition, the surfaces of MagVigen™ nanoparticles are uniquely coated to reduce non-specific interactions with cellular proteins and other biomolecules. This feature allows for a more specific “pull down” of real protein complex targets. View below for a list of our magnetic bead products, and contact us for further inquiries.

MagVigen™ – precoupled with functional groups or binding partners

Name Cat# Price(1ml) Add to cart
MagVigen™ - NH2 surface 21001 $161
MagVigen™ - NH2 Conjugation Kit K21001 $299
MagVigen™ - SH surface 21002 $161
MagVigen™ - SH Conjugation Kit K21002 $299
MagVigen™ - Protein A conjugates 21003 $199
MagVigen™ - Protein A Kit K21003 $230
MagVigen™ - Protein G conjugates 21004 $211
MagVigen™ - Protein G KIt K21004 $240
MagVigen-Streptavidin, cell separation 21005C
MagVgien-Streptavidin kit, cell separation K21005C
MagVigen-Streptavidin, protein capture 21005P
MagVigen-Streptavidin, protein capture K21005P
MagVigen™ - Anti-rabbit IgG conjugates 21006 $211
MagVigen™ - Anti-rabbit IgG Kit K21006 $240
MagVigen™ -Anti-mouse IgG conjugates 21007 $210
MagVigen™ -Anti-mouse IgG Kit K21007 $240
MagVigen-protein A/G kit K21009
MagVigen-Protein A/G conjugates 21009
Washing Buffer (10X) A20001 $20(15ml)
Elution Buffer A20002 $20(15ml)
Cube Magnet (half inch) A20003 $10
Cube Magnet (one inch) A20004 $58
Sixteen Sample Magnetic Rack A20006 $529
MagVigen™ - customize 21008 Call specialist

MagVigen™ Protein A/G Nanoparticles - Product sheet 1

MagVigen™ Protein A/G nanoparticles are ideal for antibody purification and immunoprecipitation assays...
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Cat#21005 – MagVigen Streptavidin conjugates

MagVigen™ Streptavidin magnetic nanoparticles can universally bind to any biotinylated biomolecules ...
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MagVigen™ - anti-FLAG Nanoparticles - Product sheet 3

MagVigen™ - anti-FLAG nanoparticles are ideal for the purification of FLAG tagged recombinant proteins ...
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MyQuVigen™ - anti-mouse IgG,
emi 635 nm - Product sheet 4

MyQuVigen™ nanoparticles are unique combination of SPIO and quantum dots ...
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