MagVigenTM - DNA/RNA

DNA Purification Using Magnetic Nanoparticles

MagVigen™ magnetic nanoparticles are ideal for DNA purification. They feature efficient recovery of double-stranded and single-stranded DNA. DNA is captured by MagVigen™ magnetic nanoparticles following a short incubation. The generated nanoparticle-oligo complex can be separated from the rest of the sample by a magnet. The retained genomic material can be retrieved from the magnetic nanoparticles using an elution buffer.

MagVigen™ magnetic nanoparticles enable the purification of DNA products from salt and protein. They can be used for PCR product clean-up, terminator dye removal, and removal of other contaminants from assay samples, e.g. cell lysate. The purified DNA products can be further analyzed by gel electrophoresis, PCR quantification and DNA sequencing including NGS. For a more complete list of magnetic nanoparticle related products, visit our main product page.

Name Application Cat# Price(1ml) Add to cart
MagVigen™ - Easy DNA Select Include MagVigen™ magnetic nanoparticles in capture buffer K61001-Easy
MagVigen™ - Streptavidin DNA Capture For sequence specific DNA Capture 61002 $211
MagVigen™ - Streptavidin DNA Capture Kit For sequence specific DNA Capture. Includes Blocking Solution, Capture Solution and Wash Buffer K61002 $240
MagVigen™ - Plasma DNA Capture Kit For DNA capture from plasma samples. K61003
MagVigen™ - mRNA Select For mRNA selection 61004 $399
MagVigen™ - mRNA Select Kit Include MagVigen-Poly T, wash buffer, and elution buffer K61004 $439
MagVigen™ - ChIP For chromatin immunoprecipitation 61005 $219
MagVigen™ - ChIP Kit Include MagVigen-Protein A, G or Streptavidin, wash buffer, and elution buffer K61005 $259
MagVigen™ - DNA probe Customized preparation of magnetic nanoparticle-DNA conjugates 61006 Call for price  
MagVigen™ - FFPE DNA Extraction Kit For DNA extraction from FFPE sample. K61007
MagVigen™ - Oligo Conjugation Kit To purify sequence specific DNA or mRNA K61008

MagVigen™ DNA Select Nanoparticles - Catalog #K61001

MagVigen™ DNA Select nanoparticles are ideal for DNA purification...
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MagVigen™ - Streptavidin DNA Capture - Catalog #61002

MagVigen™ Streptavidin DNA Capture nanoparticles can be used to capture specific RNA or DNA sequences directly from solution....
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