MagVigen™ Plasma DNA Capture Kit Cat# K61003

MagVigen™ Plasma DNA Capture kit (Cat# K61003) is specially designed to capture cell free DNA from Plasma or Serum with no need of column or centrifugation. MagVigen™ allows simple and efficient DNA extraction ideal for automation. The left figure shows DNA extraction results of 50 ng DNA (82 bp) spiked into 600 µl of plasma, using two different batches of beads and for multiple extraction experiments. Aliquots of DNA elution were used for amplification. An average yield of 50% could be achieved for 82bp DNA.

500 ng Ultra Low DNA Ladder were spiked into 120 µl of freeze-thawed human plasma. DNA extraction from the plasma sample was achieved using MagVigen™-Plasma DNA Capture Kit (Cat# K61003). DNA recovery rate were quantified by PicoGreen® and recovered Ultra Low Ladder were analyzed using gel-electrophoresis. DNA with sizes as low as 50bp could be captured.

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MagVigen™ - Plasma DNA Capture Kit For DNA capture from plasma samples. K61003

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