Become a part of the dynamic team at NVIGEN, Inc., where we strive to design and realize impactful solutions in nanobiotechnology. At NVIGEN, we value an environment that fosters teamwork, innovation, intellectual growth and entrepreneurship. NVIGEN, Inc. is an equal opportunity employer.

We are currently recruiting talent from areas in nanoparticle chemistry, biological assay development and biophysics engineering. To apply, please send your resume to us at

Assay Development Scientist

Join a dynamic team of scientists to create nanotechnology enabled personalized medicine solutions. At NVIGEN, we value an environment that fosters innovation, teamwork, intellectual growth and entrepreneurship.

The assay development scientist will be responsible to design and validate molecular assays that support NVIGEN MagVigen™ magnetic nanobeads products in Liquid Biopsy sample preparation workflow, for example cells, proteins, nucleic acids capture and target enrichment, and our comprehensive circulating marker testing technology for better cancer diagnostics including recurrence prediction, treatment guidance and earlier detection with clear clinical utility to significantly improve patient care.


  1. Deep expertise in next-generation sequencing (NGS), sample preparation from challenging specimens, library construction, DNA manipulation and target enrichment;
  2. Proficiency in multiplexed PCR assay, primer design and enzymatic reactions;
  3. Experience in working with clinical NGS testing, bioinformatics and genomics;
  4. Expertise in high throughput molecular diagnostics and automation;
  5. Proven problem solver welcoming user-driven development requirements;
  6. Ph.D. in cancer genomics, tumor biology, biochemistry or related fields, or equivalent 4+ years of laboratory and assay development experience;
  7. Desire and ability to excel in a fast-paced startup environment;
  8. Honor teamwork, collaboration, great communication and presentation skills.

Senior Scientist, Biochemistry
  1. Design, evaluate, execute and complete research projects that will contribute to new biomedical applications of our nanoparticle reagents and lead to new nanoparticle products and bioassay kits.
  2. Be able to identify unique opportunities where nanoparticles with superior magnetic, optical or molecular imaging properties could be utilized to solve unmet medical needs. Attend and present in scientific meetings.
  3. Develop specific bioassays for molecular and cellular detection using our multiplexed highly sensitive fluorescent magnetic nanoparticles.
  4. Manage project schedule/timeline; deliver completed projects within a tight schedule.
  5. Ph.D. in biochemistry, Molecular and Cellular Biology or related fields required.
  6. At least 3 years industrial experience in bioassay development.
  7. Expertise in DNA sequencing, protein engineering, epigenetics, nucleic acid sample prep, and molecular diagnostics preferred.
  8. Be able to manage multiple independent projects simultaneously.
  9. Value open communication and teamwork.
  10. Local candidates only please.

Molecular Diagnostic Technology
  1. Familiar with optical, magnetic or electronic-based bio-molecule sensing and detection technology.
  2. Capable of designing and assembling prototype flow cell devices for molecular and cellular diagnostics utilizing nanoparticles.
  3. Familiar with statistically designed experiments. Proficiency in quantitative analysis. Able to generate conclusive results to optimize device design and bioassay development.
  4. Self motivated, creative and enthusiastic with a can-do attitude.
  5. Strong written and communication skills.
  6. 3-5 years of industrial experience preferred.
  7. Be able to meet the challenges of a fast paced start-up and multitasking.
  8. B.S., M.S. or Ph.D. in Chemistry, Bioengineering, Physics, Electrical Engineering, Materials Science and Engineering or related field.

Laboratory Technician
  1. Familiar with standard chemical or molecular laboratory techniques and practices.
  2. Primary responsibilities will include assisting researchers with sample processing, assay evaluation and improvement.
  3. Must be able to follow detailed protocols with minimal supervision.
  4. Successful candidate will be highly motivated, eager to learn, and be able to meet the challenges of a fast-paced environment.
  5. Must possess excellent attention to detail, be organized and can maintain detailed records.
  6. Must have good communication skills and be able to work effectively independently and in a team.
  7. Support general lab management duties such as ordering supplies, maintaining equipment and organization.
  8. Prior experience in biological or chemical laboratory required.
  9. High school diploma required, bachelor's degree in chemistry or biology preferred.

Nanoparticle Chemistry
  1. Highly experienced in nanoparticle synthesis, surface modification and bio-conjugation reactions.
  2. B.S., M.S. or Ph.D. in Chemistry, Chemical Engineering, Bioengineering, Materials Science and engineering or related fields.
  3. Detail-orientated, self-motivated and have enthusiasm for performing outstanding research.
  4. 3-5 years of experience in nanoparticle preparation in a biotechnology company preferred.
  5. Be able to meet the challenges of a fast paced start-up and multitasking.

Marketing and Business Development
  1. Capable of thinking strategically and analytically about business, product, and technical challenges, with the ability to work effectively across internal and external organizations.
  2. Possess at least 2 years of sales support, inside sales, business development, or program/product management experience.
  3. Strong verbal and written communications skills, as well as leadership skills.
  4. Technical knowledge of nanotechnology, biotechnology, and life science markets. Experience in business development for companies working on molecular imaging, molecular diagnostics and therapeutics, biomedical devices, or nanoparticle biomedical reagents is a plus.
  5. Proficiency in communicating with customers and partners to ensure that they have a positive experience with NVIGEN products and services.
  6. Capable of managing numerous requests concurrently and strategically, prioritizing when necessary.
  7. Enthusiastic, persistent and creative. Able to exceed revenue targets and help guide technological and business development decision making.
  8. BA/BS degree required.

Inside Sales

NVIGEN develops cutting edge nanoparticle reagents for biotechnology and life science applications. Our MagVigen™ magnetic nanoparticle beads enable high target yield, high specificity and automatic workflow for immunoprecipitation, DNA/RNA sample preparation, and cell isolation and modulation. We are looking for a highly motivated and self-manageable entrepreneur with a strong ability to initiate, establish, and nurture meaningful business relationships over the phone. The candidate must have proven track record of successful execution of sales and exceeding sales target through cold calling. At NVIGEN, we value a culture of integrity, responsibility, productivity and accountability. We invite people who share the same values to join us.

Primary Requirements and Responsibilities

  1. 2 to 3 years of inside/outside sales experience with cold calling experience
  2. Native English speaker with a bachelor’s degree or equivalent in biology, biochemistry or molecular biology
  3. Motivation for Sales; Excellent prospecting & closing skills
  4. Ability to maintain a high level of activity, manage multiple competing priorities, and work effectively in a results-driven culture
  5. Provides timely responses to customer’s inquiries (product information, order status, quote, etc.), know how to close sales opportunity timely, able to establish strong, lasting relationships with potential customers
  6. Experience with Salesforce or other CRM
  7. Have demonstrated sales aptitude, with relentlessly high standards (you are never satisfied with mediocrity)
  8. Must be detail-oriented, highly organized, self-motivated and accountable to deliver results.

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