US $3 Million Life Sciences Breakthrough Prize

BPLS (Breakthrough in Life Sciences) has announced six annual prizes of US $3 million each moving forward. These are awarded for past achievements in the field of life sciences, dedicated to advancing breakthrough research, celebrating scientists and generating excitement about the pursuit of science as a career choice.

Six people have received the Breakthrough Prize in Life Sciences for their achievements including new discoveries related to cancer, Parkinson’s disease, cell growth control, drug-release systems, hypertension and intracellular protein degradation. More information about these project can be seen at and the 2014 life science breakthrough prize laureates can also be found at

The founding sponsors of the Breakthrough Prize in Life Sciences are Sergey Brin, Anne Wojcicki, Mark Zuckerberg, Priscilla Chan, Jack Ma, Cathy Zhang, and Yuri Mlller.

The 2014 Breakthrough Prizes ( will premiere on Science Channel on Monday, January 27 at 9 PM ET/PT. ( )

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