The NIDTM Technology

Create the most bio-applicable nanoparticles for research, diagnostic and therapeutic applications.

Unique Nanoparticles

Highest biocompatibility and superior performance High sensitivity, specificity, stability and consistency.

Versatile Applications

Our expertise in nanochemistry and bioengineering could be Integrated into your biomedical innovation.

NVIGEN, Inc. develops multifunctional and biodegradable nanoparticles. Our proprietary nanoparticle-imaging-delivery (NID™) technology and our expertise in nanochemistry comprise the engineering platform for our research and development. We seek to integrate the versatility of nanoscience and innovation to develop solutions that can empower biomedical research.

High Throughput
Antibody Purification
  • High elution concentration
  • High recovery rate
  • Short lead time
  • ng and µg level purification

Immunoprecipitation with MagVigenTM magnetic nanoparticles
  • Smaller sized magnetic nanoparticles
  • Higher binding capacity
  • High biocompatible surface
  • Better accessibility to epitopes
  • Less disturbing to native biological systems

Cell Separation with
MyQuVigenTM fluorescent magnetic nanoparticles
  • Gentle cell separation
  • Easy to use, consistent results
  • High purity of selected cells
  • High cell viability
  • Concurrent magnetic separation and fluorescent staining

High producing cell line
  • Efficient high producer cell selection over whole cell population
  • Reduce number of screening assays and development time
  • Deliver cells with the highest expression level
DNA Size Selection with MagVigenTM - DNA Select Kit
  • Precise DNA size selection for library preparation in NGS applications
  • Ready-to-use buffer conditions for size selection
  • High capture efficiency
  • Capture fragments as small as 35bp
DNA Capture with MagVigenTM
- Streptavidin
  • Capture specific DNA molecules directly from sample solutions
  • Compatible with downstream applications (NGS, clinical diagnostics)
  • Smaller beads -> higher binding capacity -> less elution volume -> Higher DNA concentration
  • Better for probing protein-DNA interactions

MagVigen™ Protein A/G Nanoparticles - Product sheet 1

MagVigen™ Protein A/G nanoparticles are ideal for antibody purification and immunoprecipitation assays...
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MagVigen™ Streptavidin magnetic nanoparticles can universally bind to any biotinylated biomolecules ...
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MagVigen™ - anti-FLAG nanoparticles are ideal for the purification of FLAG tagged recombinant proteins ...
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MyQuVigen™ - anti-mouse IgG,
emi 635 nm - Product sheet 4

MyQuVigen™ nanoparticles are unique combination of SPIO and quantum dots ...
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